Atelier d’Architecture and Gardera-D's Japanese-inspired Alaena Spa in Biarritz creates ‘bubbles of care’ for its customers

Designed by Philippe Pastre of Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Pastre and Patrice Gardera of Gardera-D, the 250sq m (2,691sq ft) Alaena Spa in Biarritz, France, has opened its doors with a contemporary Japanese architectural influence and a focus on both relaxation and aesthetic medicine.

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The spa development includes four treatment rooms, one skin exfoliation room, Japanese baths by Nendo Designs, an Experience shower and a Hammam by Effegibi.

“We want to offer a unique experience, mixing the comfort of the spa with medical know-how," Anne Peres, owner of Alaena, told CLAD. “All this in a beautiful, elegant, delicate space, with very pure architecture of Japanese inspiration.”

Peres described the customer experience as that of “going into a cocoon,” and said the customer “moves from one care bubble to another, bypassing lighting effects and views of the sky, amongst lush vegetation.”

Treatments include facials, Asian-inspired massages, waxing, manicures, pedicures and makeup, as well as manual lymphatic drainages and LPG. Alaena uses product lines from Themae, Laboratory Filorga and Water of Gamarde-les-Bains. Linen is by RKF.

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